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When the Tail doesn't Wag the Dog

Chasing Outcomes rather than Agile

"When the Tail doesn’t Wag the Dog: Chasing Outcomes rather than Agile" | Antoinette Coetzee

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April 14, 2020


In 2019, a pharma giant decided to “pilot Agile” in their clinical research division. Eight teams of anywhere between 80 and 100 people were formed, assisted by a group of highly experienced Agile coaches.

One by one, the pilot teams were disbanded by the leaders. Only two survived and concluded successfully.

What set the two successful teams apart from the rest? At Business Agility 2020, Antoinette Coetzee shared the story behind one of the successful teams and what they did to ensure a positive outcome.

About Antoinette Coetzee:

Antoinette CoetzeeAntoinette has been part of the Agile movement right from the start. A technical team member for a long time, she grew in Agile mentoring and coaching around 2005 and proceeded to business and enterprise agility in the last 6 years as an antidote to seeing technical teams struggle in the bigger organizational context. Her current focus is on leadership agility and developing coaches internationally through teaching and coaching. Antoinette has a particular interest in leaders' role in creating an environment where autonomy and self-organization thrives. Her aim is to grow agility in EVERYONE, and coaching others how to do it.

She is a trained professional coach and certified in Organizational and Relationship Systems Coaching. Her forte is changing culture and growing high performance in leadership teams, especially teams in conflict.

Antoinette is an accomplished speaker and regularly delivers talks and workshops on agility, leadership and transformation at local and international conferences. She lives in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa, loves travel, including off-road trips to remote places in Africa and looks forward to a time when Scotty can just Beam one Up across the planet without a carbon footprint!


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