Transforming Finance

Revolution or Evolution

Transforming Finance: Revolution or Evolution | Nevine White

Nevine White

June 14, 2022


Having proven the powerful positives that transforming finance functions can bring, Nevine willingly shares the innovative and engaging lessons from her journey. Committed to helping one of the most traditional functions in business shed bureaucracy and deploy adaptive, dynamic, and nimble business constructs, she led the development, implementation, and operation of leading-edge planning processes, aligned with the Beyond BudgetingTM principles. In charge of the FP&A functions for publicly held tw telecom, not only did she champion replacing traditional budgets with rolling forecasts, but changing related processes, thereby allowing the organization to shift to a management system that was agile, effective, and exceptionally successful.

Subsequently she leveraged her experience in a consulting role to support organizations in their transformative efforts across a variety of industries, before returning to telecom three years ago to lead the accounting team at Hargray Communications through a period of rapid growth and multiple acquisitions. Most recently, Nevine took a leadership position with the broadband start-up Clearwave Fiber, where she now has the opportunity to apply her learnings and experience to an even broader array of shared services and administrative functions. 

Combining her experience in finance transformation, business agility, and building effective teams, with her advocacy for life-long learning, she has also sponsored meaningful conversations about workplace diversity in a high-tech industry and enabled career advancement for professional women by teaching financial acumen. She continues to passionately support ways that help enable others through knowledge sharing, including serving on educational accountability committees and advisory boards.


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