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The Mindset & Culture of Business Agility

The Mindset & Culture of Business Agility - Ahmed Sidky, Ph D

Ahmed Sidky

April 21, 2021


The world is changing more rapidly than ever before. Organizations of every size are overwhelmed by the pace of change and are being constantly challenged to understand & react to the major disruptions in the marketplace and in their organizations. High-performing and adaptable organizations that leverage, lead, and thrive in this ambiguous and unpredictable market will be in the best position to win with their customers. We call this business agility; the ability of the organization and its leaders to respond in an effective, sustainable, and disciplined manner to the constant change & disruptions. 

Business Agility is not something an organization has or doesn't, it more like fitness or athletic performance, your organization can increase its agility with intentional, deliberate, and disciplined effort. Using the Domains of Business Agility (published by the Business Agility Institute) we will explore the different "muscle groups" that an organization needs to "exercise" in order to increase its agility. Most importantly, we will discuss the Mindset and culture necessary to endure the journey and grind of improving your Business Agility. 

Ahmed Sidky, Ph.D. also known as Dr. Agile, is a renowned global thought-leader in the Business Agility community. As the Head of Business Agility at Riot Games, he is responsible for all change and transformations across the company. His former role at Riot was the Head of Development Management where he led a team of 80 internal agile coaches and delivery leaders. Before Riot Ahmed was a consultant for a variety of Fortune 100 companies (among them Verizon, Caterpillar, Nationwide, and Booz Allen Hamilton), guided enterprise Agile transformations, educated leaders on the Agile mindset, and creating customer-centric cultures of learning. He is also President of the International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) and the co-founder of the Business Agility Institute; co-author of “Becoming Agile in an Imperfect World;” and a seasoned international keynote speaker.

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