The difference between Operational and Strategic agility – the promise of Agile?

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Few organisations have been able to achieve the desired outcome of business agility (Strategic agility – creating new markets with new products that reach new customers, i.e. market-creating innovation). If the Agile movement is only about creating great workplaces for software developers (also important!) but doesn’t generate better business outcomes, its life expectancy won’t be long.

The talk will focus on the key principles that can be applied to an organisation throughout the value chain (both IT and Business) and also a view of what an Agile operating model will look like, in order to provide organisations with a strategic advantage.

Biase De Gregorio

Biase De Gregorio

Passionate about people and delivery through Lean|Agile approaches, with a focus on creating awesome collaborative working environments.

As the head of the agility@IQ offering at IQ Business since 2012, I have built an amazing team of Agile consultants (largest in South Africa) that share a common purpose of continuous learning and improvement. Together with the team, we have trained close to 5000 people on Agile and been involved in some of the largest Agile transformations in financial services industry.

Live by the boy scout principle of “Leave the camp site in a better way than what you found it”​

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