The Chameleon Effect: Business Agility & Adaptability

The Agility Podcast: Episode 3 – The Chameleon Effect

About the Episode: The Chameleon Effect – Business Agility & Adpatability

The September month’s episode of The Agility Podcast, TC and MK talk to Stephen Parry, a multi-award winning business leader, strategist, and author with a global reputation for organizational transformation. The result is a fascinating discussion that covers business agility and adaptation, and how to create the right work climate for success.

BAI Industry Research project

If you’d like to speak to MK about the Business Agility Institute research project mentioned at the end of the podcast, reach out to him on Twitter or LinkedIn. Find out more about SNTIO here.

About The Agility Podcast

Hosted by the not-so-famous TC (TC Gill) and MK (Manoj Khanna), The Agility Podcast dives into business agility, agile ways of working, and agile innovation. The Agility podcast is an effort of Sntio LLC.

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