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The ART of the People Runway: HR & The Revolution of Work

The ART of the People Runway: HR & The Revolution of Work - Fabiola Eyholzer

Fabiola Eyholzer

June 8, 2021


Human Resources is the most significant enabler – or obstacle – to business agility and success. Unfortunately, we are currently in a ‘People Debt’ crisis, created by not putting people centerstage of a human-centric, agile organization. To course-correct, we need to engage in a modern HR and people approach and address those unresolved impediments so that we can create a strong ‘People Runway’ to maximize the potential of your agile workforce and transformation.

COVID-19 has not caused the revolution of work. HR was under pressure long before. But the global pandemic has accelerated the need for a fundamental change and puts us into complete disruption. The future of HR depends on its ability to utilize this unique opportunity to shape a new world of work. Can HR be adaptive fast enough, and is Agile the answer?

Watch the full version here: The ART of the People Runway: HR & The Revolution of Work (full version)

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