Tackling Organization Design During Our Agile Transformation with Alex Basa

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Alex Basa is a Lead IT Agile Coach at Centene Corporation, working on his third agile transformation. He’d like to share his current approach to tackling organization design in a healthcare company. He will share the following points:

  • What approach to structural agility has he tried in the past? What did he learn from it?
  • How different is his approach today? What would be the benefit of new organizational structures?
  • What would a workshop look like for it? Who would attend it?
  • What were the lessons learned by this approach?

In addition to those areas, he will talk about some anti-patterns that he has seen in approaching the creation of a Product Management organization as well as some of the things that would need to be in place before facilitating a workshop like this.

Alex Basa – live drawing


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