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Founder and CEO of LRMG, Ricky Robinson, has devoted his life and career to inviting teams and organisations to challenge themselves to stretch into their potential to enable growth and success.

As the first athlete at UCT to run the mile in less than four minutes, a few months before running the quickest debut marathon in the country at the time, Ricky discovered his passion and purpose early on – success through deliberate practice. Since then, Ricky has been on a journey to provide integrated solutions that unlock human and organisational potential – physically, emotionally and mentally.

In the last 23 years, Ricky’s entrepreneurial spirit, strategic insight and business acumen have played an important role in growing LRMG into a high-performance company with long-term client partnerships built on credibility, trust and growth.

Today, LRMG employs more than 180 people who innovate, test, refine and deploy solutions internally first before taking it to client environments to help ignite success in people and organisations across Africa.

An inspired and disciplined individual – whether he’s setting the course for an individual, a team, a company or a community – Ricky deems himself fortunate to be working in a space and place where purpose and passion intersect.

Ricky’s believes that “success is less about being a performer and more about performing; less about the podium and more about the progress. True, sustainable success is a combination of mindset, perspective, effort and self-leadership. It is an ongoing journey.”

While his competitive sporting days are over, Ricky still gets great joy from a less competitive time trial or a game of squash. Outside of his work, his sport and his wish to positively impact the lives of people around him, Ricky loves to travel, read, write and spend time in the bush, and with his daughter and son, who live in Cape Town.

Ricky holds MBA and BA/LLB degrees from the University of Cape Town, although he regards the University of Life, his many mentors, and his passion for reading and research as his main sources of knowledge and ideas.

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