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Shaping Business Agility @ Amerisure

Shaping Business Agility | Amjed Al-Zoubi (Amerisure) and Pete Behrens (Agile Leadership Journey)

Pete Behrens, Amjed Al-Zoubi

April 26, 2022


Amerisure, one of the nation’s leading commercial insurance providers, has been on a 3-year journey to shape their culture inside-out towards improved innovation, speed, and customer service. Their journey highlights the critical importance of involving top-level leaders not only in the discernment process, but in the ongoing engagement of the execution itself, especially as steps in the journey impacted every area of business including field marketing, risk management, claims, operations and more.

For three years in a row, from 2019 through 2021, a cross-business agility team and leadership engaged in a cultural assessment highlighting key strengths and gaps. This transparency helped communicate the need for change as well as inform the direction of change. Key focus and experimental initiatives were tied into the cultural direction and allowed them to evolve their business agility journey in their own way. Thus, rather than instilling a particular agile practice or scaling framework, they developed new structures, policies and measures that fit into the future Amerisure culture.

While the Amerisure business agility journey has positively impacted a number of critical performance measures including reducing Time-To-Market by 30% and improving Net Promoter Scores, it is not simply a feel-good story. Rather, this case study illustrates the importance of leadership involvement, cultural awareness and transparency, a cross-business agility team, a long-term orientation, an experimental mindset, and celebration of marginal gains.

About the Speakers

Amjed Al-Zoubi

Amjed is a strategist and business leader with over 20 years of experience delivering results by bridging the business-technology gap. Amjed joined Amerisure in 2018 and currently serves as CIO with accountability for IT, User Experience, Digital Innovation, Business Agility and the PMO. Prior to joining Amerisure, Amjed held a diverse set of roles at USAA, CUNA Mutual Group, and PwC, all of which allowed him to address business challenges and devise strategies from multiple angles. Growing from these experiences, Amjed brings a unique ability to see the big picture and apply the right solution at the right time. Under his leadership, Amerisure is undergoing an agile cultural transformation, a digital transformation, and is modernizing IT, improving solution delivery and business outcomes.

Pete Behrens

Pete Behrens develops leaders to transform themselves and their organizations to improve business outcomes. Pete is the founder of the Agile Leadership Journey, a collaborative community of leadership trainers and coaches built on a philosophy that agile organizations only emerge from agile leaders, and who share a passion to build better leaders.

Pete is the host of the (Re)Learning Leadership Podcast, for leaders, by leaders. Podcast episodes explore real leader stories and experts who help diagnose them for all of us to learn to be better leaders.


Business Agility Conference 2022 - Photos

Photo of Amjed presenting on stage at Business Agility Conference 2022Photo of Amjed on stage at Business Agility Conference 2022

Photo of Pete in discussion during deep dive at Business Agility Conference 2022Photo of Pete on stage at Business Agility Conference 2022




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