Remote Collaboration with Molood Ceccarelli

We had the pleasure to have an insightful conversation with Molood Ceccarelli, founder of the Remote Forever Summit.

This talk focuses on:

  • Maintaining a united purpose in a distributed organisation.
  • Communication norms.
  • Accountability in an organisation with remote team members.
  • Best ways to find the perfect remote job.
  • Avoiding distractions at home.
  • Dealing with solitude when working far away from the rest of your team members.

Molood is often referred to as the queen of remote work in the agile communities around the world. She is the founder of Remote Forever, a company that consults in agile coaching and creates online courses and workshops for remote agilists. Molood is on a mission to equip people in agile organizations with the skills to work effectively remotely, and help remote leaders to learn agile ways of working so that they can lead more productive, effective and of course fun remote teams.

Her newest book on how to be agile remotely, is due to be published in 2020. Some of her writing on the topics of agile have been featured on Scrum Alliance, Happy Melly, Huffington Post and

Hosted by Javier Camarasa Garcia, Agile Coach at Danske Bank and co-steward of the section One Team in our Library.

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