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Remembering Mike Beedle

The Business Agility Institute remembers Mike Beedle.

Evan Leybourn

March 25, 2018


It is with a heavy heart that we bid farewell to Mike Beedle - business agility visionary, agile manifesto signatory, founder of Enterprise Scrum and friend. Several hours ago, the Enterprise Scrum community confirmed that Mike was fatally injured in a stabbing in Chicago.

Our thoughts are with his wife, children, family and friends. In this difficult time, the community has come together and created a gofundme project to raise funds for his family.

We setup a quick GoFundMe account to send money to Mike Beedle's family who desperately need it right now. He left behind a family that includes six children. David (19), Sebastian (10), and Daniel (17), Urzula (3.5), Alexsandra (2.5), and Lucia (1.5). Also, we are working with the Scrum Alliance to raise money. However, this specific GoFundMe account is to get money over to the children who literally need help today to survive as their father was their only financial support.

If you can give any amount, it would really make a big impact on making sure his small little girls have what they need immediately.

If you have any questions, you can contact me [Alma Bradford Abreu] or Juan Saldana III who are working with his family to coordinate support. Let's all come together as a community to support our mentor, teacher and friend. - Alma Bradford Abreu

In the few years that I've known him, we've not always agreed on approach, but I respect his vision and passion for business agility and the community that we all belong to. My hope is that the Enterprise Scrum community and the work that he has started lives on and continues to change how organisations work.

R.I.P. Mike Beedle, 23 March 2018

Photo of Mike Beedle

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