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Hugo Alberto Terron

[SPANISH] Enables people's creativity through agile mindset | Hugo Terron

April 14, 2021


Hugo will present a story about … how the agile transformation path and the obsession with frameworks of reference led to a misunderstanding of agile principles, values ​​and mindset.

The story will cover… some anti-patterns taken where agility was addressed for the wrong reasons, the result of turning agile transformation into a project and setting agility as a goal instead of a path and finally the cost of forcing adherence to frameworks and trying to copy the agile approaches from others.

The Learning will be ... How to set the basis to build an organization that enables people's creativity through ​​agile mindset and principles supported by professional safetyness to generate a lasting cultural transformation that fosters people's talent

About Hugo Alberto Terron

Head of Agile in Santander Digital MX @ Banco Santander BBVA

Hugo Terron is an agilist with 12 years of experience in agile transformation working on IT projects mainly for software development, architecture and implementation. With 8 years as a proud member of the Agile community as Scrum Master, Agile Consultant and Agile Coach, for Business Agility / Enterprise Agility / Scrum / Kanban / Lean / SAFe. He is currently responsible for the strategy and agile transformation of Banco Santander Digital MX and proud to represent the Santander digital CoE made up of 4 agile coaches and 16 scrum masters.

Hugo describes himself, as an agile Chef, Architect, Explorer, Philosopher and Astronaut, who cooks, builds, explore, reflects and researches new ways of transforming teams way of work and is a faithful believer in the principles and values ​​of agility but above all of its philosophy and culture of inclusive leadership.



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