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Outcome based thinking through OKRs – get the right $^!# done

BACon Learning Series

Outcome based thinking through OKRs – get the right $^!# done

Nizar Khoja, Denise Kanfield, Luiz Quintela

April 21, 2021


Do you struggle to get your team of seven on the same page? Are you curious how companies like Intel, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft aligned their 10s of thousands of employees? We were and then we learned about OKR – the tool to create or define outcomes and bring your strategy to life. The Speakers will share their stories of how OKRs have bridged strategy to execution by focusing on outcomes and ensuring the right outcomes are achieved.

OKRs are the mechanism for companies and teams to obsessively focused on outcomes and truly bring your strategy to life. They enable transparency throughout the entire organization. You will learn and practice how to write meaningful OKRs, differentiate between outcomes and activities, and embed OKRs in your current routines so you track success and anchor outcomes to overall strategy.

This session will be a combination of storytelling, presentation, activities in Miro, and Q&A.

Presenters: - Luiz “Q” Quintela - Nizar Khoja - Denise Kanfield



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