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Organization Feedback Loop with Esther Derby

Organization Feedback Loop com Esther Derby

June 11, 2021


Every organization - whether 5 or 50,000 people - faces three broad sets of concerns.

  1. Who are we? Why are we here? How do we earn money?
  2. What processes and projects enable us to fulfill our mission? How do we support teams that manufacture products and deliver services?
  3. How do teams work together on initiatives that solve problems and deliver customer benefits?

The SEEM model provides a way to address these concerns that maximizes the possibility of healthy self-organization and adaptability.

In this conversation with Esther Derby, you will understand how the SEEM model is helping organizations around the world.


About Esther

She has 4 decades of experience in leadership, observation and experience of organizational change. She works with a wide range of organizations and has clients such as start ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Based on experience and research, her approach combines attention to humans and in-depth knowledge of complex adaptive systems.

Esther has been called one of the most influential voices within agile communities when it comes to development organizations, coaching teams and transformative management. Her work over many years has influenced coaches and leaders in many companies.

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