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OKRs at the center - How a courageous approach to goal setting can develop your organization towards business agility!

OKRs at the center - Natalija Hellesoe

June 10, 2021


Many companies these days start to experiment with Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to follow promises of higher performance, better alignment and even a new culture of collaboration. 

After the first enthusiastic steps (or quarters) the glamour often fades and frustration sets in: the alignment process takes way too long, the focus is not clearly given and outcome-orientation is still a buzzword.

Are OKRs maybe overrated? Or what does it take to really change the way we work with goals to develop our organizations towards business agility? 

In this talk, Natalija will pursue the typical challenges of organizations with new ways of goal setting and show how utilizing OKRs as a concept for organizational learning can develop your organization over time - if you dare to take courageous decisions along the way!

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