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How Agencies Became Awesome Places to Work Using Holacracy & Scrum

Paul Takken, Michael Deangelo

February 24, 2017


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Michael DeAngelo and his team rose to this challenge in 2015 by introducing Scrum, Lean, and ultimately dissolving roles and hierarchy altogether with Holacracy in their department. A unique organizational blend was created: Holacracy, Lean and Scrum.

After a few months, Agile outside IT consultants Paul Takken and Joe Justice were invited by Washington State to observe and coach the Scrum teams applying Scrum, Lean, and Holacracy. During the presentation Paul and Michael will share their latest learnings, insides and will update you on this unique experiment:

About Michael

Michael DeAngelo

Michael DeAngelo is the Deputy CIO for the State of Washington responsible for providing strategic technology leadership for the State which spends about $2B per year on technology services. Michael is passionate about leveraging technology in innovative and exciting ways to solve complex business problems. Michael has been leading an agile transformation is the State including applying agile, SCRUM, and Kanban in a non-software context with agile contracting and self-organization. Recently, his work has been in transforming the government culture and systems to make government a relevant and competitive employer of top talent in the state.

About Paul

Paul Takken

Paul Takken is a passionate Agile Coach and Consultant at Xebia Consulting. Paul is specialized in creating future fit evolutionary teams and environments. He started his mission seven years ago, sparking the first Agile transition at the IT department from Rabobank Nederland.

Paul is currently working as Lead Agile Coaching for the Payments Tribe at ING Bank implementing a new way of working based on Agile elements like Scrum and Holacracy.

In the Europe and the US, Paul was Lead Agile Coach at TomTom’s World Class Software Program. For this purpose he connected in 2013 with Scrum in Hardware pioneer Joe Justice in order to add hardware to the World Class Agile Software Program. Since then, Joe and Paul work closely together on the worldwide development of Agile outside IT.

For example, Paul is coaching teams at Delft Tech University on applying Agile practices in cutting-edge engineering, like creating hydrogen racecars and exoskeletons “The Agile Way”. In order to embed Agile into the official curriculum of schools and universities, Paul is an active member of EduScrum. This foundation started more than four years ago in The Netherlands which now has similar initiatives in the US and Europe united in Agile in Education which was established in Orlando last summer.

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