Modernizing Business Analysis with AI & Experiments

Angela Wick is the founder of BA-Squared and in this episode she talks about how business analysis is shifting drastically and how leaders are championing the charge. Wick discusses how important it is for business analysts to collaborate with Product Owners to focus on building the right products: “Agile can’t happen without analysis… If you’re building the wrong thing, it doesn’t matter how fast you are.” But what is really exciting to Wick is how much the world and her field is changing as a result of AI and machine learning. What might take a BA weeks to produce, an algorithms today can do at a fraction of the cost and time. But the complexity in the world means that you have to pair vision with rapid experiments – and a dash of curiosity – to make sure your business is on the right path.

Leslie Morse hosts in NYC at Business Agility 2018.

This episode of Agile Amped is part of a series in partnership with the Business Agility Institute.

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