Leadership Agility: Enabling Sustainable Organizations

Author: Larry Cooper

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This book summarizes the responses we received from a twenty-nine industry experts to questions on Leadership Agility. The first round of questions was open-ended and focused on gathering their thoughts around five topic areas:

  • What leaders would consider as the most significant challenge they face in achieving agility
  • How they would describe the difference between leadership and management
  • The key behaviours that help leaders achieve agility
  • The core value that underlies leadership agility
  • How they would describe Leadership Agility to a colleague

We then capture the key phrases in their responses for each question and had them do pair-wise comparisons to determine the order in which we would describe them in the book.

Partial list of experts:
– Evan Leybourn, Author (#NoProjects and The Agile Director), Founder and CEO of Business Agility Institute
– Rod Collins, Author (Wiki Management), Director of Innovation at Optimity Advisors, Former COO at Blue Cross Blue Shield
– Chris Strickland, Author, Speaker, President at Dunn University, a Forbes Contributor and Award-Winning Author & Speaker
– Niel Nickolaisen, CTO at OC Tanner
– Shane Hastie, Director of Agile Learning Programs, ICAgile
– Pat Reed, Author, Speaker, iHoriz Inc

The book’s subtitle “Enabling Sustainable Organizations” was chosen for two reasons. The first is that it is a theme that is covered in both Organizational Agility and in this book as well.

In Organizational Agility we used the word sustainable to describe a primary trait that organizations that exhibit agility would have. These organizations are not only capable of handling ambiguity and uncertainty, their leaders and their people seem to thrive because of it.

In creating this book we found the phrases that emerged to describe leadership agility such as purposeful adaptiveness, sees the greatness in their people, leaders act like gardeners, skillful at leveraging collective intelligence, accepts the power of others, and believes in the power of we, provide the backdrop for those who aspire to leadership agility. These traits enable them to ensure the sustainability of the organizations they lead. These characteristics of leaders that exhibit agility is their contribution to creating sustainable organizations.

Simply put, when an organization’s leaders master leadership agility, they are putting their organizations in a position to enable its long-run survival.

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