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Innovation Agility

Who Says the Corporate Behemoth Can’t Achieve it?

Iqbal Singh

February 23, 2017


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According to a recent study by Innosight, the tenure of companies on the S&P 500 index is shrinking at a rapid rate. The study projects that about half of the current companies in the index will be replaced in the next ten years." In this era of accelerated change, large corporations have to make innovation the core of their corporate DNA to thrive or even survive and disprove the conventional thinking that innovation is only the birthright of the start-ups.

However, obtaining innovation agility (starting and scaling organic innovation initiatives) in a large corporation are tricky and most don’t produce the anticipated benefits. Analysis of these failures reveals many reasons, but two primary 'suspects' often manifest themselves are failure to nurture the culture of intrapreneurship to create an environment conducive to innovation and inability and inability to establish business model alignment to maximize the true benefits of innovation agility.

The speaker, through various Net Objectives consulting engagement, and personally leading incubation projects at BMC Software, has experienced that designing and executing innovation programs with a maniacal focus on preventing these 'suspects' from crawling in, significantly advance the innovation agility and boosts the output these programs. Let’s explore these further during the talk and in the conference.

About Iqbal

Iqbal Singh

Iqbal Singh is Exec Director, enterprise software strategy and delivery practices and Sr. Enterprise Consultant at Net Objective. Iqbal has a track record of building and leading Lean-Agile organizations to accelerate value delivery via enterprise software. Iqbal played a key role in BMC Software’s landmark transformation to Agile. Since then Iqbal has leveraged those principles in successfully managing enterprise software product lines driving software strategy, product management, and delivery. He has 20+ years of experience in IT Systems Management, Big-Data, Cloud, Analytics, SaaS, CRM, and ERP. His accomplishments as technology executive include applying Lean-Agile principles to innovate a new solution, turning around existing product lines with organic innovation, M&A and process innovation.

Iqbal has a passion for creating organization alignment and cultivating the culture of intrapreneurship to for product and process innovation to accelerate value delivery. As a coach, he is sharing his experience and assisting in large scale agile transformations.

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