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From Make-and-Sell to Sense-and-Adapt

Shaping the Business and Work-Climate towards Agility, Adaptiveness and Differentiation

From Make-and-Sell to Sense-and-Adapt by Stephen Parry

Stephen Parry

May 22, 2019


Adaptive business is a transcendent leap beyond mere process and efficiency gains. Becoming an adaptive organisation means managing a transformation from the old world to the new.

It means rethinking and reimagining how and why we work, to achieve harmony with market evolution, no matter which way it turns. You can’t control market evolution, but you can control your own. Main points:

  • Business Agility is about creating organisations that embrace continuous change and continuous value creation to differentiate the business and generate long-term profitability.
  • We will look at how some large organisations have made the journey from traditional "Make and Sell" approaches to Agile and Adaptive "Sense and Adapt" businesses.
  • We will also examine what needs to change in the organisational infrastructure and how changing the mind-set, skill-set and work-climate are the new keys to unlock potential.

About Stephen Parry

Stephen Parry

CEO, Author of "Sense And Respond" @ Lloyd Parry Intl

Stephen Parry is a multi-award winning strategist, change designer and author with a reputation for large-scale global business transformation. He is a world-class expert in business agility, adaptive business models, Lean and Agile enterprises. Stephen specialises in culture change, organisational design, technology policy and innovation.

Author of the acclaimed Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose (MacMillan 2005). His approach is based on the fundamentals of Lean and Agile, and he has created a transformation model called Adaptive Development and Performance Transformation – AdaPT, which is an approach to business agility and adaptability.

Stephen's strategic success has been featured in the Harvard Business Review and on the BBC and Channel 4.

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