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Dubai Customs – Achieving Excellence through Agility

"Achieving Excellence through Agility" | Shahid Osmani

Shahid Osmani

February 18, 2020


Download the slides Dubai Customs plays a critical role as a fundamental contributor in UAE’s economic growth, which largely relies on trade with other countries. Indicatively, the amount of Dubai’s trade activities facilitated by Dubai Customs during 2013-2018 reached approximately AED 7.5 billion. Dubai Customs handles significant volume of vessels, cargo shipments and passengers annually, which highlights its unique, diverse and immense magnitude and nature of business.

As a result, Dubai Customs has established and implements practices and systems that are comparable to global standards and is considered as a benchmark for all other customs administrations worldwide and has also been honored by the World Customs Organization (WCO) for its strategic plan, projects and initiatives. The ability of Dubai Customs to rapidly adapt to variables, opportunities and threats, when it needs to do so, in an effective and efficient way, becomes imperative to meet its objectives.

Shahid Osmani

Strategy & Execution Advisory @ Dubai Customs

Shahid Osmani photoFor more than three decades Shahid has worked various capacities – as a Service Improvement Value Realization Expert, Adviser on Public Sector Service Costing and Business and Service Excellence. Shahid worked as a Practice Head – Process Improvement & Management, Senior Project Manager, Business Process Re-engineering / Improvement (BPR / BPI) and Business Process Management (BPM) specialist, an SAP FI/CO Consultant, a MIS manager and a Financial Analyst.

His curiosity to find innovative solutions to the perplexities faced by the modern businesses, attention to detail, and quick grasp of the business issues is of great value when the nature of the job is getting things done.

Shahid has the right mix of talent, expertise and attitude for the challenging job of being a pro-active change agent in the process creating an agile organization.

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