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Digital transformation - Three Questions to Think About from the Start

"Digital transformation: Three Questions From the Start" | Nalen Naidoo & Dimitri Anagnostopoulos

Nalen Naidoo, Dimitri Anagnostopoulos

February 18, 2020


The talk covers how ideas generated in an organisation can move from being good to being great, and then to becoming real. I will cover what a strategic framework for assessing ideas could be, what organisational culture is needed for an idea to flourish and get better, and then what a potential robust process to make the idea come alive / implement it, could look like. This is based on learnings from within my company.

Nalen Naidoo

Divisional Executive, Shared Value Retail Solutions @ Liberty

Nalen NaidooNalen is a Fellow of both the Actuarial Society of South Africa and Institute and Faculty of Actuaries. Over a 15-year career, he has worked in various Life Insurance and General Insurance roles across finance, risk, capital, product and human resources. He is currently focused on building, launching and managing Shared Value solutions for customers and advisers. He has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, the United States and Singapore, and now lives in Cape Town with his wife and two boys.

Dimitri Anagnostopoulos

Partner @ True North Partners

Dimitri AnagnostopoulosBachelor’s degree in Economics. Masters degree from the London School of Economics and Political Science with distinction.

Dimitri has over 15 years of specialist experience with large financial organisations with projects across Risk, Finance and Strategy.

Currently focusing on the intersection between financial services and emerging technology (FinTech & InsurTech).

Specific focus on deep dive analyses for diagnosing problems and route cause analysis (e.g. client attrition, revenue loss, client segmentation and target setting challenges, etc.) – implementation of changes and actions that would support the organisation’s strategy.

​ Speaker at global risk and technology conferences.


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