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Cultivating Transformations

[ESPAÑOL] Cultivating Transformations | Jardena London

June 14, 2022


Jardena is a Business Transformation Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker and a Certified Facilitator of Dare to Lead; Brene Brown’s groundbreaking training program for organizations based on creating courageous workplaces. Jardena is also the Founder of [email protected] that is focusing on leading a movement to create workplaces that nourish our souls and exude positive energy. 

Her recent book, “Cultivating Transformations: A Leader’s Guide to Connecting the Soulful and the Practical” has been described as “the book you buy and carry around with you everywhere.”

Jardena’s mission is to help organizations create soulful, productive and fun workplace environments that support organizational and cultural change together with improving financial results. Her work spans both nationally and globally to consult mid-size to Fortune 50 companies on Enterprise Business Agility with heart. Jardena’s diverse background of programming, project management, along with launching multiple startups, has created a dynamic lens through which she views the challenges that organizations face and helps them reach their productivity goals and create a more positive, healthier workplace environment.  

Her most recent successes have been transforming a large legacy organization into a modern workplace with breakout results. She also speaks at corporate events and on stages worldwide on the positive effects of organizational transformation. Jardena has also served as co-founder and CEO of Rosetta Technology Group since 1997.



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