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Crafting a Business Agility Transformation

Crafting a business agility transformation by Phil Abernathy

Phil Abernathy,

May 22, 2019


 Based on 12 years of experience in numerous transformations, some small, some mammoth, some successful and some not, this talk will outline how to craft a successful Agility transformation from scratch to finish.

The talk will address the following million-dollar questions:

  • Why would you even want to transform and why is Business Agility one of the most popular options today?
  • Once you’ve decided to transform, where do you start and how to plan and setup the transformation for success?
  • What are the parts of a business or organization that need to be transformed? Think of the 3 ‘S’s – Structure, Systems and Style.
  • What is the target transformation state?
  • How do you manage the transformation and tackle the issue of scale?
  • What to do when the organizational antibodies come for you?
  • What does success look like and how do you measure it?
  • When should you stop and get the hell out?

A talk filled with real world stories and ‘too funny to be true incidents that will show you the way, or what to avoid?

Phil Abernathy

Phil Abernathy

Founder @ Purple Candor

Phil is a global leader helping organizations transform to a new Agile way of working that helps them get more productive and their people more engaged.

He has over 35 years of business and leadership experience and is a world-renowned trainer, coach and consultant who has helped train and transform global companies like IBM, Honeywell and Shell.

He is also an inspirational speaker and entrepreneur who wants to change the world for the better by helping to build the leaders of tomorrow.

Phil is the founder and director of Purple Candor, a boutique leadership and management consulting company based on Melbourne, Australia and Bratislava, Slovakia. (

He is also the founder of ‘Skill the Gap’, a global not-for-profit initiative focused on providing students with right attitude, mindset and soft skills that the businesses of today need. (



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