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Coaching Mindshift Across Borders and Timezones

Coaching Mindshift Across Borders and Timezones | Abraham Gyongyosi

Abraham Gyongyosi

April 14, 2021


A personal story about how my client was affected by COVID-19; scattered suddenly from co-location to being spread over 2 continents in 3 countries (China, France, and the UK) and how I had to switch my mindset, work routine, tools, and coaching to support them through these challenging times.

Through this session, you will see what struggles the journey had, what worked and what didn't, get real-life examples of switching into a fully virtual way of working with a project which should not allow that. You will also get hands-on experience with one of the tools that were greatly utilised in this phase.

About Abraham Gyongyosi

Senior Agile Transformation Coach

As a human-centred coach, Abraham believes real transformation and achievements are only possible by empowering individuals regardless if it’s a team-, organisation- or enterprise-level vision. He is an accomplished consultant with diverse experience across Banking, Finance, Telecommunication, Manufacturing, Automotive, Energy and Government sectors. He is a SAFe 5.0 SPC, trained in The Leadership Circle, Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, and other methodologies, and an advocate of inventive approaches. Abraham is a huge fan of music and is a bass and percussion player.



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