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The Agility Podcast: Episode 1 – Business Agility & BAI

About the Episode: Business Agility & BAI

In episode 1 of The Agility Podcast, we talk to Founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute.

Evan understands that modern companies don’t have the luxury of stability, so what drives him to help them deal with the impact of change? How does he use agile, innovative and dynamic ways of working to help them thrive in today’s unpredictable markets?

Hosts TC and MK also explain how and why The Agility Podcast came about and what you can look forward to in future episodes.

  • Evan’s theory of constraints:
  • Business Agility Institute:

About The Agility Podcast

Hosted by the not-so-famous TC (TC Gill) and MK (Manoj Khanna), The Agility Podcast dives into business agility, agile ways of working, and agile innovation. The Agility podcast is an effort of Sntio LLC.

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