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Applying the Grit and Resilience of an Ironman Triathlete to the Business World

Applying the Grit and Resilience of an Ironman Triathlete to the Business World | Gareth Holebrook

Gareth Holebrook

April 7, 2021


Using lessons in Ironman (and similar) races, Gareth will map across to the world of work where Intentional Ways of Working can help people achieve success through focus and deliberate practice. The 5 key areas of discussion will be 

  1. Kata: As my coach tells me: "Don't practice until you get it right, Practice until you CANNOT get it wrong". Based on Toyota Kata, explaining the importance of technique practice in swimming, and how deliberate practice and habit forming can be applied at work. Drawing on the thinking of BJ Fogg, Malcolm Gladwell and Charles Duhigg
  2. WIN (What’s Important Now?). The ability to maintain mental focus through framing and mental modelling. Examples of when surprises, like a puncture, can either frustrate or enhance the opportunity for success.
  3. Grit from Goals, inspired by the work of Angela Duckworth and David Goggins discussing the importance of goal setting, and reflecting on the Stockdale Paradox when things go awry.
  4. Consistency over intensity. Inspired by Kaizen rather than Kaikaku, explaining that to be successful in Endurance Racing takes prolonged and consistent effort with the compound of marginal gains. References will be made to Beresford and the British Cycling Team and James Clear's Atomic Habits
  5. Ikigai. Finding your meaning and your 'Why'. Simon Sinek and Viktor Frankl will be referenced.

Read more about Gareth's Ironman experiences and how it applies to work and life

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