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An interview with Mitra Roknabadi (OpenFin) and Lydia Kirby (Bright)

A Deep Dive into Agile Marketing with John Cass

John Cass

September 13, 2021


Mitra Roknabadi is Vice President and Global Head of Marketing at OpenFin, the financial industry’s operating system. In this role, she's responsible for OpenFin brand, marketing, events, and media relations. Ms. Roknabadi's marketing and community building efforts at OpenFin have been instrumental in establishing the company as a leader in collaboration and enabling innovation across the industry.  In 2016, she led the company's launch of FinJS, OpenFin’s flagship event series for technologists and business heads, which has hosted thousands of professionals in cities including New York, London, Chicago, Toronto, Stockholm and Amsterdam.  Before joining OpenFin, Ms. Roknabadi worked in the gaming industry, retail industry, and at two NYC-based startups.


Lydia Kirby is Client Delivery Director at Bright, an agile marketing consultancy. Lydia has been implementing agile marketing principles over the last 7 years, using agile ways of working to inspire people to act differently, be curious and use data to transform marketing whilst delivering business outcomes. Working primarily with B2B tech, consulting and professional services. Embracing the mantra of continuous improvement, you’ll find Lydia taking the stage and joining Podcasts to share the hard won learnings of B2B marketing, embracing failures to learn and deliver successful marketing programmes.

A Deep Dive into Agile Marketing with John Cass

Want to learn more about agile marketing? We're releasing a new podcast series hosted by agile marketing expert John Cass. On each episode, he will interview a featured guest with a unique perspective on agile marketing and how organizations can introduce an agile mindset into their marketing strategy. Learn more about the agile transformation in a variety of industries and how an organization's marketing team can work as a team more effectively, welcome change and experimentation, and embrace failure as a means of improvement--all with the goal of improving outcomes for customers.

How to listen: The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts. Be sure and subscribe to get a notification when a new episode is available!

About the host: John Cass is an expert at building content production and social media relationship systems for brands and agencies. He has worked at several companies where he's managed the development of content strategies and their execution. In addition, he has supporting experience in Technical SEO, user experience, marketing automation, and conversation optimization for the web.

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