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Agilidad consciente

Veronica Castillo Carreño & Brenda Patricia Rodríguez Zavala

[SPANISH] Conscious Agility | Veronica Castillo Brenda Rodriguez

April 14, 2021


Our continuous journey to bring agility to a CPG

  • What started the transformation for GB?
  • The CEO and C-level involvement in making agility a priority
  • Making Agility sustainable with a common purpose
  • The truths about agility, the good, the bad, and especially the ugly
  • Key elements in our journey (strategy, communication, people, tools, culture, and trade-offs)
  • Learnings, what we wish we could have done differently and what we expect for the future

About Veronica Castillo Carreño

Global Director for Strategic Planning and Agile Implementation @ GRUPO BIMBO

Veronica has been part of Grupo Bimbo for over 6 years, in which she has been responsible for managing the strategic planning exercise for the whole Company; this includes translating and supervising how the strategy is visualized from every aspect of the business (KPIs, goals, investment, growing sources, etc.) With this strategic and holistic vision, she consolidated the Agile Acceleration Tower for GB, bringing Agile into the play. She created the bases required to solidify the concept of Agile across GB. Veronica´s role is key to develop an agile culture and vision within the C-Level of Grupo Bimbo.

About Brenda Patricia Rodríguez Zavala

Agile Implementation Leader Mexico @ GRUPO BIMBO

Brenda started her journey in Grupo Bimbo in the Audit department; she came in contact with agility while leading the Data Management team. She moved to the Corporate Management team, where she is fully dedicated to lead the agile movement in GB. Her focus is to make agility part of every associate's DNA and translate and adapt the agile concepts so they can be used and understood by everyone in the company. Her roles focus on following up the agile strategy, training and coaching teams to develop their agile journey.



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