Agile HR & People Operations

Fabiola Eyholzer is the CEO of Just Leading Solutions, a New York based consultancy for Lean and Agile People Operations – the 21st century HR approach. She helps enterprises to accelerate their agile transformation by focusing on their crucial asset: their people.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why Human Resource Management should be called People Operations
  • How the function of HR changes in enterprises in Agile Transformation
  • What is the new currency for competitiveness in organizations
  • The disconnect between mission statements and core values, and reality
  • Theory X and Theory Y: Micro-management vs Intrinsic motivation
  • What is “The Douglas Effect” and why you should get away from it
  • The percentage of people dissatisfied at work and the cost to economy
  • How organizations can get to 9% higher shareholder value
  • Amount of people who would take a new manager over a salary increase
  • How Agile ways of working don’t differentiate between work and learning
  • How our perception of career is changing
  • When you should help an employee move on to another organization
  • Best way for HR teams to quickly adopt Agile practices into their work
  • The Agile Manifesto for HR

Leslie Morse hosts at the SAFe Summit in San Antonio, Texas.

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