Agile Budgeting

Agile Budgeting | Jason Molesworth

Jason Molesworth

April 21, 2021


Jason will present a story about the shift from traditional corporate budgeting / investment models to Outcome-oriented corporate investing focused on maximizing a company’s impact and strategic adaptability over time.

Jason’s session will provide an overview of traditional budgeting practices, how they evolved, and a few of the significant limitations embedded in typical corporate budgeting and investment practices.  He’ll then explore emerging Outcomes-focused approaches to corporate budgeting and investments, and the range of compelling advantages these new approaches offer.  In the process, he’ll touch upon how organizations can sharpen their Strategic Intent, make better informed strategic decisions, and connect their Outcomes with the work teams are prioritizing daily through OKR processes and digitization. 

About Jason Molesworth

Partner @ Business Agility Consulting Group (BACG)

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