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Adaptive Leadership and Value Innovation

Pat Reed

February 23, 2017


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As our world becomes increasingly volatile, unpredictable and overwhelming, imagine the possibilities if we can develop the capabilities to quickly and easily adapt to changing business conditions and create change to outpace competitors and increase our personal value proposition and potential. We fearlessly welcome challenges with confidence and inspire (and empower) our teams to do the same—knowing that we will learn from whatever future challenges emerge.

This Adaptive Leadership and Value Innovation Accelerator session explores the leadership principles, practices and skills necessary to create a culture of adaptability, create deep personal awareness and accountability and develop personal links with every employee and business partner; master learning agility to fundamentally reshape ourselves and our organizations faster than the speed of change.

We'll share a practical adaptive leadership framework and practice map that begins with deepening awareness and rapidly iterates to discovery and crafting thought experiments to accelerate learning thru creating, reflecting, generating new knowledge and practicing a new, adaptive way of leading.

Takeaways will include the framework and practice maps as well as deepened awareness of how to develop skills leading to increased:

  • Capacity to thrive in extreme uncertainty
  • Being comfortable in disequilibirum
  • Master Learning Agility: know what to leverage (from past learnings) and what to let go of (rapidly unlearn)
  • Improvise as you go with an experimental mindset
  • Do Less and create more value: Value Innovation AND giving the work back (empowering, accountability)
  • Cultivate Cognitive Diversity
  • Master Resilience AND Patience
  • Quickly shed debilitating delusions (i.e. broken system, fixed mindsets, quest for perfection...)
  • Deepen self awareness
  • Regulate emergent conflict

About Pat

Pat Reed

Pat Reed is an entrepreneur and experienced Enterprise Agile executive, coach, transformational leader and trainer with proven success leading large scale organizational change, addressing agile accounting and capitalization solutions, removing large scale agile transformation blockers and developing world class Business Agility and Adaptive Leadership processes and practices. Pat has deep domain expertise in enterprise Value Innovation, Agile Accounting, Agile PMO, Portfolio Management, Dev Ops, Sustainable Transformational Change, Compliance, Performance Management and Adaptive career processes and practices. Pat excels in leveraging cutting edge technology, delivery and adaptive leadership methods to solve 'impossible' business and organizational problems with impressive results across a wide range of industries including her work as Executive Director for 15 years at the Walt Disney Company, 5 years at Universal Studios / GE and 8 years at Gap Inc and as over the past 5 years as Co-Founder and Principal Consultant at iHoriz Inc. deliverying transformational coaching and training throughout the world.

Pat is passionate about creating healthy, high performing and learning teams. She designed, co-created and currently teaches courses in Leading Enterprise Agile Transformations and Agile Management Mastery in the Agile Management Certificate program for UC Berkeley extension and has over 30 years of experience in teaching technical and business process improvement at the undergraduate, graduate and extension level as an adjunct professor.

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