Acts of Heresy (and other amazing things to do with your organization)

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In the midst of commoditised agility, organisations find themselves floundering in a mess of certifications, frameworks, scaling options and common-or-garden snake-oil. Organisations spend millions on training, tooling and consultants, and when they step back and watch the dust settle they find themselves wondering what the hell has actually changed. They are confused as to why aren’t they “going faster”, why their “resources” aren’t collaborating and why no-one is “onboard”.

After all they’re “Agile” aren’t they?

This talk examines how we tend to get lost on our agile journey and how we can find our way back again. Agility isn’t something you can install. It’s not a framework. It’s not a religion. It’s realising that sometimes it isn’t obstacles that keep us from our goals, but rather a clear path to a lesser goal.

Stephen De Villiers Graaf | Methodologist & Coach @ GravWorks

Stephen is a coach and trainer passionate about helping to create environments where people can excel. Over the last 20+ years he has worked in many different industries from the collar and tie of large corporates to the hard-hats and steel-caps of manufacturing. In these industries, he has been responsible for building and leading teams in the delivery and support of customer value.

Over the last ten years he has worked in many different transformative environments. He enjoys pushing boundaries, breaking rules and really good tequila.

Stephen loves to help people discover new ways of thinking, learning and relearning. He firmly believes magic is formed when people are encouraged to be creative, expressive and collectively responsible.

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