IBM Consulting Agile CoC, Business Agility Institute empower gen-next companies


IBM Consulting Enterprise Agility Practice and Business Agility Institute (BAI) have joined forces to enhance the business agility landscape and enable companies to be more resilient and adaptive to uncertain markets.

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES —Business Agility Institute (BAI) announced IBM Consulting as their latest corporate member. 

IBM Consulting Enterprise Agility Practice is focused on holistic enterprise transformation and instils an agile mindset in C-Suite executive. The partnership highpoints the two organizations as business agility campaign leaders and thought leaders for organizational change practitioners around the globe.

The spirited partnership amplifies the goal. BAI’s mission is to advocate agile and guide organizations towards business agility structure, mindset, and behavior, while IBM’s mission is to empower clients to infuse rapidity in the creation of customer value by spotlighting teams and business agility.

This partnership gives our consultants access to global thought-leaders as we place strong focus on infusing Enterprise Agility into hybrid cloud transformation and holistic agile beyond IT body-of knowledge, and our clients will greatly benefit from this collaboration,” said Amol Pradhan, Chief Transformation Officer, Enterprise Agility of IBM Singapore.

IBM Consulting Enterprise Agility Practice, headquartered in Singapore, is an acclaimed leader with a solid track record and extensive experience based on driving more than 30 large-scale enterprise-wide digital transformations in the last five years across aerospace, manufacturing, oil & gas, food & beverage, and financial sectors.

The volatile and unpredictable nature of today’s businesses has mutated the way companies plan and function. These changes are happening sooner than ever before. Organizations that stagnate find that customers; and competitors move on.

We respect IBM Consulting Enterprise Agility Practice's commitment to business agility, and their goal of assisting customers navigate an uncertain market as is unparalleled,” says said Evan Leybourn, Co-Founder and CEO of the Business Agility Institute. “Moving beyond traditional ‘Agile’, IBM’s focus on enabling clients to evolve capabilities and culture towards operating models ideally suited to today’s uncertain economy is a powerful asset.

About IBM Consulting Enterprise Agility Practice: 

IBM Consulting Enterprise Agility Practice is a strategic global professional services investment to provide research-based points of view, advisory, and thought leadership on end-to-end enterprise agility transformation, agile best practices, scaling frameworks, business, and technology innovations. 

Its focus on relentless refinement enables IBM Consulting and its clients to seamlessly transform capability and culture toward agile ways of working with its network of global delivery centers.

About Business Agility Institute: 

The Business Agility Institute (BAI) is a fiercely independent research & advocacy organization for the next generation of companies. Members in the Business Agility Institute create a better future of work. They support organizations, teams, and individuals breaking away from traditional business models by providing the primary research, connections, information, insights, and inspiration required to embrace a customer-driven world of fast-paced change.

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