Emergence: The Journal of Business Agility

If you would rather be a leaf on a tree than a cog in a machine, then Emergence: the Journal of Business Agility is for you. 


Four times a year, we commission exclusive content and curated stories from prominent thinkers and practitioners from around the globe. Emergence tells the stories of organizations that have built an insatiable curiosity for their customer. They have created cultures where people desire to work and grow and are committed to leading their market with a strong sense of purpose. These organizations have the freedom, flexibility, and resilience to achieve their purpose No matter what the future brings.


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What is “Emergence?”

This is the journal for people who think humans aren't resources and that management shouldn't be a dirty word. 


Each issue features a special guest editor charged with commissioning and curating the best stories, research reports, and articles to broaden your horizons and spark your creativity. Every issue is artfully designed, fully illustrated, bound, and printed. 

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When do I get Emergence?

Emergence is printed in Europe and delivered globally 4 times a year; in both print and digital editions.


2/3rds of our subscribers receive the print edition, which typically posts at the end of the 2nd month of each quarter (Feb, May, Aug, Nov). While delivery times vary globally, subscribers usually receive their issue within 2-4 weeks of postage.


Digital subscriptions are sent directly to your email 2 weeks after the print edition hits the postal service. Print subscribers automatically receive a digital edition with each issue.

Previous issues include:

  • Reforming Culture with Fennande van der Meulen and Maartje Wolff
  • Rethinking the workplace with Kevin Empey
  • Change squared with Dr. Jen Frahm.
  • Agility in Unexpected Places with Pat Reed
  • Reclaiming Management with Johanna Rothman
  • Humanizing Business with Doug Kirkpatrick
  • Aftershock with Evan Leybourn