Global Insights [January, 2018] | From HBR Company Culture to Cognitive Biases

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– Evan Leybourn (Melbourne)

Editor’s Choice

The 8 Types of Company Culture

A good video overview of different organisational cultural types by HBR. TL;DW: Caring [63%], Purpose [9%], Learning [7%], Enjoyment [2%], Results [89%], Authority [4%], Safety [8%], Order [15%].

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Hidden flaws in strategy

An interesting article from McKinsey on some of the cognitive biases and flaws that limit the ability for leaders to properly formulate and execute strategy

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Journeys, Stories and News

How One Fast-Food Chain Keeps Its Turnover Rates Absurdly Low

This is an incredibly insightful vision of the issues with leadership. i particularly the way Pia defines the 4 paradoxes

How complacency kills! This is certainly relevant in most businesses these days.

Machine Intelligence Will Let Us All Work Like CEOs

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