Agile Talent Symposium

Agile Talent Symposium

Agile Talent Symposium

I’m excited to announce our first online Business Agility Symposium. Join us to hear from Pia-Maria Thorén, Fabiola Eyholzer and Marsha Shenk on the critical topic of Agile Talent. This is a free event for everyone, but there’s a catch. If you want to join us, you must bring along your HR partner. 🙂

TalentSumerization – The Employee Experience in Agile Enterprises 
Fabiola Eyholzer
CEO @ Just Leading Solutions

There is only intrinsic motivation 
Pia-Maria Thorén
Inspiration Director & Agile People Coach @ GreenBullet

Curiosity is Your Silver Bullet
Marsha Z Shenk
Consultant / Coach / Founder @ The Bestwork® People

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