The Business Agility Profile™

The Business Agility Profile™ is an independent, detailed snapshot of your business agility capabilities and behaviors across your organization.

What's the Approach?


Whether you are just getting started or you've been on the journey for years, your organization is invited to participate in the Business Agility Profile and associated Certified Agile Organization™ program through Business Agility Institute.

Assessing business agility is complex. As the standards body for business agility, the Business Agility Institute has designed a progressive approach that reflects the nuances and complexity in assessing business agility.

This unique approach recognizes that:

  • Business agility is an ongoing journey, with no end state
  • An organization will have a range of excellence with higher and lower capabilities across its organization
  • Business agility can be demonstrated in thousands of different ways, using different approaches, practices, frameworks, and operating models
  • Business agility is a set of cultural and behavioral capabilities (not specific processes or practices) that span an organization

What matters is how your people, systems, and processes all come together to deliver value to your customers. Therefore, the Business Agility Profilewill create a detailed model of your organizations' agility focused on 13 key organizational capabilities and 80+ associated behaviors for excellence in business agility.  These capabilities and behaviors are organized around 3 themes:

  1. Customer Centricity
  2. Innovation & Growth
  3. High Performance

What's the Process?


1 — Preparation: The Business Agility Profile begins with verifying eligibility of the organization, completing paperwork and a Nondisclosure Agreement, and understanding the demographics of the organization (for planning the assessment).

2 — Assessment: The assessment is conducted with a survey across the organization to determine and confirm 13 business agility capabilities and 80+ behaviors.  The assessment is accompanied by the organization's submission of supporting documentation and evidence (including employee engagement surveys, HR policies, and org charts) for evaluation.  The assessment requires no "onsite" time. 

Business Agility Profile process

 Evaluation: The Business Agility Institute will conduct a detailed review and evaluation of the provided evidence and assessment data through our proprietary model.  The results of this analysis will be used to benchmark your organization versus 1300+ organizations in our database. BAI experts will document these findings and recommendations in a detailed report.

 Certification:  For qualifying organizations, the Business Agility Institute will grant you the title of Certified Agile Organization™, along with a separate star-rating publicly recognizing where your organization is on the journey to agility.

6 Reasons to Get a Business Agility Profile™


Measure Progress

Understand your real business impact by measuring progress against key cultural and behavioral characteristics for business agility – not just the completion of transformational activities.



See how you compare to 1300+ organizations from around the world in the global business agility index.


Plan Next Steps

Gain insights into areas of your organization that need further focus and investment. Use this information in your strategic planning processes to create data-driven transformational goals and roadmaps.


Recruit Talent

Attract the best talent to your organization by highlighting your great working culture and engaging work practices.


Forge Connections

Connect with other organizations around the world. Learn and share with each other to accelerate your own business agility journey.


Gain Recognition

Be recognized for the progress you’ve made on your business agility journey and the benefits you’ve achieved for your shareholders, employees, and customers.
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