Business Agility Portugal Chapter Launch


The Business Agility Institute launched a chapter in Portugal during the Experience Agile Conference 2019.

In a world of accelerating change, increasing complexity, rapidly changing technology, digitization and the internet, many organizations are still locked in the slow-moving, top- down, bureaucratic practices and processes of 20th century bureaucracy. They are finding it difficult to sense and respond to disruptive shifts in the marketplace. Their very capacity to survive, let alone thrive, is in question.

On October 1st, we had a presence of some of the resident council members for a brief presentation and discussion, led by Hugo Lourenço, the Chairman and with Evan Leybourn, founder and CEO of Business Agility Institute.

Photo of Business Agility Institute founder and CEO Evan Leybourn and others

The initial Portugal council lead by Hugo Lourenco and:

  • Claudia Mendes Silva, from Women in Tech® - Deputy Secretary
  • Miguel Fontes, from Startup Lisboa
  • Romana Ibrahim, from KeepWarranty®
  • Marco Costa, from Talkdesk
  • João Maia, from EDP
  • Carolina Afonso, from Konika Minolta
  • Pedro Mateus, from Galp
  • José Rodrigues, from Zoi
  • Pedro Oliveira, from
  • Luís Gutman, from MilleniumBCP
  • Nuno Santos, from Roche
  • João Dias from, Vodafone
  • Cláudio Pimentel, from Cofidis

It’s a national chapter that will have on-site regularly meetups to discuss the Business Agility awareness as also as maturity level of Portuguese organizations, attend yearly the Business Agility Conference, support content for the discussion panels on the World Agility Forum and contribute with a state analysis of the Portuguese Business Agility to add to the BAI annual report. We look forward to growing the community in Portugal.

The next meetup will happen on 5th December were the resident council will discuss what is business agility based on 2019 business agility global report and the chapter activities for 2020.