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The Business Agility Institute is the creation of Evan Leybourn and Ahmed Sidky and recently joined by Brittany Baker. Overworked and underslept folk with a vision to change the world; to make companies more human, engaging, and adaptable.

When I was a teenager, I always used to joke that I was going to take over the world (Pinky and the Brain has a lot to answer for). But now I realise that I’m actually taking the first step towards it. The Business Agility Institute has ambitions no less than changing how every company in the world works. It’s not how would have imagined it (less mad scientist, more mad businessman), but together we are going to take over the world.

Yet, we could not operate without the fantastic support and thought-leadership of our volunteers, researchers and partners. These people are leaders in their fields who believe in our mission and what we are trying to achieve. While these words are entirely inadequate, Thank You.

-Evan Leybourn

Contact us if you would like to step up and help us change the fundamental nature of what it means to be a business.

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Community Initiatives

With Thanks to our Corporate Members

Global Membership

Join the Institute to take an active role in the Business Agility community. Connect, both online and in person with some of the most influential Business Agility practitioners, as well as talented thought leaders who apply business agility in diverse operations.

Local Membership (Business Agility Meetups)

BAMs are hyper-localised communities of Business Agility practitioners. Although they have no independent operating entity, they are run and operated by local volunteers on behalf of the Institute. The targeted audience, approach and cadence are entirely at their discretion to meet the specific needs of the local community.

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Volunteer? If you would like to volunteer and start (or contribute to) a Business Agility Meetup – start by reading our Guidance for BAMs. Are looking to start a new BAM or help lead an existing community?

HR Guild

The HR Guild is a network of HR professionals who are facing challenges in their organizations brought on by rapid change; who have been tasked with guiding an Agile transformation; or simply those who are interested in learning more about HR through the lens of business agility. As well as weekly educational emails and online discussions, each month we host “office hours”. A public, online, meeting for any HR professional to join and ask questions of our resident experts. With thanks to: Kevin Empey, Myles Hopkins, Fabiola Eyholzer

Outreach Initiatives

Business Agility Conferences

The Business Agility Conferences are 2-day events for people to build networks, learn the latest techniques and ideas, and be inspired. Building on the last two years, these events are a combination of 20-minute “art of the possible” stories and interactive, facilitated deep-dives with the entire delegation.

Volunteer? If you are interested in hosting or volunteering at a conference, please Contact Us

Executive Forums

Executive Forums are two-day, invite only, conference for 15-30 senior executives. Each organisation is invited to send up to 3 executives to join us. Joining the executives are leading facilitators to guide executives through areas critical to business success; finance & governance, talent management, and customer centricity. This event, like the Business Agility Conference in NYC, emphasises collaborative dialog over passive listening. With thanks to Lyssa Adkins, Marsha Acker, Jardena London, Paul Hutton, Lisa Duty.

Site Visit Experience

An immersive, cohort-driven, learning opportunity for executive leaders that will equip them to make transformational changes in their companies. With thanks to Lyssa Adkins.

Business Agility Symposia

An online forum, more interactive than a webinar, to share the latest business agility ideas. With thanks to ICAgile.

Agile Amped Podcast

In partnership with SolutionsIQ, the AgileAmped Podcast is our primary podcast channel for Business Agility members.

Guidance Initiatives

Domains of Business Agility

Introducing the Domains of Business Agility. A simple model consisting of 12 interacting domains across four dimensions centred around the customer. The domains in each dimension are equally important, necessary, and interrelated to each other. You cannot realize business success in an unpredictable market until you develop agility in each of these domains across all areas in your organization.

Business Agility Library

Guidance is specific information in the Library that relates to business agility in the context of a domain (e.g. structural agility or market agility), an industry (e.g. banking or energy), a business function (e.g. finance, marketing) or a pattern impediment/journey. With thanks to our Library Stewards: Mark Boysen, Richard Parton, Javier Camarasa Garcia, Dan Roman, Myles Hopkins, Agile in Audit, Mirko Kleiner, Alex Basa, Saima Siddiqui, Harry Nieboer, Nizar Khoja.

Volunteer? If you are interested in becoming a Library Steward, please read the Content Governance Guidelines, then Contact Us

Leadership Initiatives

Business Agility Report

The report consists of a global survey, data analysis and presentation of business agility fluency from around the world. With thanks to AgilityHealth.


Wicked whitepapers take a position on “wicked problems” that plague organisations today. These are problems without a clear answer or with multiple answers. Our aim is to help organisations navigate this.

And many more in progress.

Volunteer? If you are interested in contributing to a research initiative, please Contact Us


An agile transformation is no less than an epic quest: full of twists and turns, unexpected challenges, and hard-earned victories. Accreditation provides a map—a means of anticipating roadblocks and realizing you have the tools available to overcome them, all while recognizing and celebrating your successes and clearly visualizing your goals.

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