Become a Certified Agile Organization™

Certification is a distinction which publicly recognizes those who have set themselves on the path towards greater business agility.

Whether you are just getting started or you’ve been on the journey for years, your organization is invited to become a Certified Agile Organization™ through the Business Agility Institute.

As the standards body for business agility, the Business Agility Institute has designed a progressive approach to organizational certification that reflects the nuances and complexity in assessing business agility. This unique approach recognizes that:

  1. Most organizations have a range of high and low capabilities in agility across the organization at the same time. It’s not just a matter of the “average” agility – but the range of excellence as well.
  2. Business agility is a continuum, not a state. It is misguided to define an arbitrary point where it begins or ends.
  3. Business agility is a set of cultural and behavioral capabilities (not specific processes or practices) that span all aspects and interactions of an organizational system.
  4. Business agility can be demonstrated in thousands of different ways and using different approaches, practices, frameworks, and operating models.

Therefore, the organization certification process will create a detailed model of your agility based on the expression of fundamental business agility characteristics and patterns – and the variance across the organization. This is what we are certifying.

How Do You Become Certified?

Step 1 — Determine Eligibility: Organizations must demonstrate an existing commitment and investment to business agility prior to beginning the organizational certification assessment.

Step 2 — Assessment: The pathways to certification starts with an assessment with BAI with supporting documentation and evidence (including employee engagement surveys, HR policies, and org charts) for evaluation.

Step 3 — Evaluation: The Business Agility Institute will conduct a detailed review and evaluation of the provided evidence and assessment data through our proprietary model. BAI experts will document these findings in a detailed report and grant you the title of Certified Agile Organization™, along with a separate star-rating publicly recognizing where your organization is on the journey to agility.

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