BAM Leader FAQ

Below are some commonly asked questions about BAM’s. If you don’t see your question on this list, send an email to

Can you recommend a speaker for our next meetup?

Absolutely. We have a speaker database that we maintain to help you find potential speakers. Where possible we also track which cities they operate in and when they are travelling.

Can BAI help with costs related to our first meeting?

BAI can help with small costs associated with the first meeting or getting started; however, the goal is for each BAM to be self-sustaining.

Can BAI help with promoting our BAM?

BAI will occasionally promote BAM events on social media. However, as the BAI audience encompasses a number of different countries, posting specific regional events that are not BAI conferences is typically not helpful for promotion. Instead, try posting about your BAM on LinkedIn business groups for your area, Facebook, or regional social media networks–anywhere where interested folks might see it!

Still need help? Email Brittany at for more specific marketing ideas.

Is there a minimum or maximum set of criteria on how outreach or events should be structured, what should be their approach, their frequency, etc?

No restrictions. Depends on the community

We want to charge a membership fee. Are we allowed to do this, and how can BAI support us?

Yes. The fees would be set by your BAM. If you setup a legal not-for-profit, you can collect membership fees. If not, we would run it through the BAI system for you.

Can we have meet-ups discussing specific frameworks – in case, say they are relevant to the topic of the meet-up?

Of course. But we don’t want every event to be focused on a single framework

Our BAM is going really well–we’d like to split into two. Can BAI help with that?

Sure! Email Brittany at to get started.

Our BAM is struggling. What can we do? 

Please email Brittany at if you run into trouble. We’re here to help!

What are the benefits of membership?

Business Agility Institute membership benefits can be found here:

Who does credit go to for content contributed to the Business Agility Library (the author or the Business Agility Institute?

Credit always remains with the author or authors.

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