Business Agility Coaches Clinic setting up a display

Coaches Clinic

If you have a diverse range of experiences and skills, a coaches clinic can be an effective way to help the community to help each other. Over the course of the meetup, each coach offers 15-minute advisory sessions to the audience.


Of vital importance: this is not a sales activity for the coaches. If the coachee asks for a business card, they can offer one, but they can’t solicit work.

Business Agility Coaches Clinic meeting other coachesBefore you begin, you need volunteer business agility coaches from the community to lead the clinic. Each coach sets up a board with 15-minute slots that attendees can claim.

Attendees not undergoing coaching have the opportunity to network, socialise, and eat & drink. In general, attendees should not listen in to other peoples active coaching sessions unless invited by the coach and coachee.

For more details, Roger Brown has an amazing write-up of how to set up and run a Coaches Clinic.