BAM Meeting Ideas

Business Agility Meetups are designed to foster connections that will live beyond each event. Throughout, we use advanced human systems technologies that create rich and real interactions — fast! We hold that everyone is an expert in something and that the room is full of wisdom.

Here are a few ideas for your BAM this month. We are always updating this page with new ideas, as many of these have been done by other BAMs! Check back often.


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Common Elements

Closing a BAM

How you close a BAM is as important and meaningful as how you open it. In some cases, more so. Here are some ideas to create a high-impact close.

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Other Ideas

We are actively developing a number of other BAM programmes, but are always looking for more ideas. If you have an idea, please contact us and we’ll add it to the BAM Book. Some of the ideas that we’re working on include;


HR Special Edition – Changing Organisational Culture: This programme is a workshop in two parts and is designed to lead people through an interactive workshop on organisational culture. The first part will help them identify their existing organisational culture. The second will identify methods of changing the culture. The intended experience is meant to be practical where they can take the insights and approaches to their organisation the following day. This is based on the the HBR insights article: The Leader's Guide to Corporate Culture (PDF).