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Business Agility Conference 2023

Wednesday, April 26 & Thursday April 27, 2023


Online and In-Person
Times Square, New York
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Attendee Updates


Our latest exciting new is the new addition to our conference experience. We are now offering a hybrid conference experience!


Attendees have the option to attend either virtually or in-person. This offering is our way of increasing safety and flexibility for all of our conference participants. Please see what each ticket offers below:


Regardless of how you attend, you'll receive

  • Two full days of conference programming including stories from executives, thought-leaders, and practitioners on their business agility journeys
  • Facilitated deep dive conversations where you can share your stories, connect with others, and brainstorm ideas

In-Person Tickets:

  • Face to face meaningful conversations
  • Attend social events to deepen relationships
  • Be in the room with inspiring speakers
  • Meet new people with a different perspective in Business Agility
  • Social events like Broadway theater tickets 
  • Catering for lunch

Virtual Tickets:

  • Attend from anywhere around the globe
  • Professional level virtual platform
  • Catch up and never miss a thing with access to recorded talks
  • Access to meaningful conversations on a global scale

Hotel Accommodations

The Kimpton: Muse Hotel is a boutique hotel in the heart of New York City and is across the street from our conference venue, Convene. To book a room for a discounted price, use this booking link


Please note to use the hotel link you must make your booking by February 20, 2022. For more information on hotel amenities, please visit here

Image of conference hotel - The Muse

Health and Safety

Vaccination Requirements

As a condition of entry, all conference delegates must provide evidence of vaccination. Please ensure that you bring evidence that you have had the full dose as recommended by the vaccine manufacturer and it has been at least 14 days since your last shot. 


Health and wellness are a key part of our duty of care. It is a requirement of the conference venue and city of NYC itself. This builds upon the COVID-19 Operating Standards and Safety Protocols we released last year, which were endorsed by Ron Klain, President Biden’s Chief of Staff. 


As we approach the conference date, we will send any necessary updates regarding health and safety protocols to all conference attendees.

No Risk Tickets

In order to ensure a safe and healthy conference experience, as of January 20th, 2022 we have added a virtual experience to our conference. This means attendees now have to option to attend an in-person or virtual experience. Not only does this enable attendees to enjoy the conference who otherwise would not be able to, but it increases the conference reach to a global level.

  • All ticket holders are able to convert their in-person ticket to a virtual ticket and vise versa.
  • Tickets converted from virtual to in-person can do so up to 1 week prior to the conference.
  • Tickets converted from in-person to virtual can do so up to the morning of the conference.
  • Virtual tickets are eligible for a 50% refund up to 2 weeks before the conference.

Confirmed Speakers

Amerisure Insurance
Amjed Al-Zoubi | Chief Information Officer
Founded in 1912
United States

Since 1912, Amerisure has worked tirelessly to make America’s workplaces safer. Our expertise is providing business insurance solutions to the manufacturing, construction and healthcare industries.
Shaping Business Agility @ Amerisure

Amerisure, one of the nation’s leading commercial insurance providers, has been on a 3-year journey to shape their culture inside-out towards improved innovation, speed, and customer service. Their journey highlights the critical importance of involving top-level leaders not only in the discernment process, but in the ongoing engagement of the execution itself, especially as steps in the journey impacted every area of business including field marketing, risk management, claims, operations and more.

Amjed is a strategist and business leader with over 20 years of experience delivering results by bridging the business-technology gap. Amjed joined Amerisure in 2018 and currently serves as CIO with accountability for IT, Digital, Innovation, Business Agility, and the PMO.
Agile Leadership Journey
Pete Behrens | Leadership Coach
United States

We inspire, educate and catalyze leaders and their organizations to improve business performance amid complexity, uncertainty and rapid change.
Shaping Business Agility @ Amerisure

Amerisure, one of the nation’s leading commercial insurance providers, has been on a 3-year journey to shape their culture inside-out towards improved innovation, speed, and customer service. Their journey highlights the critical importance of involving top-level leaders not only in the discernment process, but in the ongoing engagement of the execution itself, especially as steps in the journey impacted every area of business including field marketing, risk management, claims, operations and more.

Pete Behrens develops leaders to transform themselves and their organizations to improve business outcomes. Pete is the founder of the Agile Leadership Journey, a collaborative community of leadership trainers and coaches.
SiAgile Social Impact Agile
Rocío Briceño | Co-founder
Founded in 2016
Washington DC, United States

SiAgile is focused real social results using agile in multilateral organizations, and the social organizations with digitalization journey.
How to include agile in Social Impact

Real stories about the application of agile attitudes, mindset, frameworks, and methodologies in several social projects including on the water shortage in Tegucigalpa Honduras just before the covid19 started.

Rocío is the co-founder of SiAgile Social Impact Agile with Alistair Cockburn.
Ondrej Dvorak | CEO
Founded in 2020
Prague, Czechia

To thrive in uncertainty, team up and harness your law firm with agility.
Overcoming barriers to bring agility to lawyers

Lawyers, attorneys, paralegals and others working in law firms are often in a rush, juggling constantly changing priorities, drowning in emails, calls and messages, while keeping track of their business activities with all their might. Ondrej will share his personal story of a law firm that gained the courage to experiment with Scrum to tackle these challenges. He will recount how this project garnered international recognition and brought agile disruption to the tradition-bound legal sector.

Ondrej is the CEO of AgiLawyer and COPS Financial Systems; promoting the needs of business agility in the legal and financial sectors.
Best Buy
Neil Fasen | Senior Director of Product Practices
Founded in 1966
Minnesota, United States

At Best Buy, our purpose is to enrich lives through technology.
Resilience in the face of futility: How I’ve learned to stay positive and motivated as a change agent

Change is hard, and leading change can feel even harder. Many companies know enough to know they have to change, but often the environment can be negative if not outright hostile for the people who are invited in to lead the change. It can be a lonely and thankless position. In this talk, I explore practices and tactics that have helped me and other change agents stay positive, recognize progress, and maintain momentum in the face of what can often feel like utter futility.

Neil Fasen is change agent who helps Enterprises evolve to more effectively compete in today’s complex world. He is both an evangelist and practitioner of business agility and product management with many years of experience working in Fortune 50-100 companies.
Itaú Unibanco
Leandro Gonzales | Head of Legal
Founded in 2008
São Paulo, Brazil

The largest bank in Latin America; their purpose is to stimulate people's power of transformation.
The power of business agility in legalLeandro Gonzales will tell a story about a law firm within the largest bank in Brazil, which was facing a downward spiral, was mired in inefficiency, demotivation, low outcomes and long working days, and how, in response to these problems, he used the agile culture, the Scrum framework and a new strategic positioning from managers to achieve expressive outcomes like exponential productivity, cost reduction, a high degree of engagement of lawyers and unprecedented client satisfaction. He will also tell how, from the success of the agile law firm, business agility spread to many other areas and started a great agile integration project - the AdvOps.

Leandro is the creator of the 1st Agile Law Firm and a mentor of legal executives and lawyers who seek to understand and apply Business Agility.
Cal State - Fullerton
Ryan Gottfredson | Professor/Researcher
California, United States

I work with organizations to vertically develop their leaders through a focus on the most foundational aspect of their BEing: their mindsets.
The Four (Justifiable) Fears that Limit Value Creation

There are four fears that commonly arise in organizations for well-intended reasons. But, these fears also hinder agility and value creation. In this talk, Ryan Gottfredson will clearly identify these four fears, explain why they exist, and how to overcome them at both a personal and corporate level so that we and our organizations can provide greater value for all stakeholders.

Ryan Gottfredson, Ph.D. helps organizations vertically develop their leaders primarily through a focus on mindsets. Ryan is the Wall Street Journal and USA Today best-selling author of “Success Mindsets: The Key to Unlocking Greater Success in Your Life, Work, & Leadership.” He is also a leadership professor at the College of Business and Economics at California State University-Fullerton.
Alize Hofmeester | Entrepreneur, author, speaker
Founded in 2019
Amsterdam, Netherlands

We believe everyone wants to grow towards a happy and sustainable future for themselves and for the people around them.⁠
Humanize business from the soul of your organization

Alize Hofmeester is a successful purpose driven entrepreneur, author of the book Purpose Driven People, speaker, and creator of the People Journey Circle© and Business Agility Scan©. As a passionate People & Change Executive, Alize helps organisations to stay relevant to their customers, by reshaping their future way of working and facilitating a fresh, new growth-mindset that leads to companywide flow and business agility.
Sony Pictures
Nadya Ichinomiya | Exec Director, CFO Corporate Functions
Founded in 1987
London, United Kingdom

Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) is a subsidiary of Tokyo-based Sony Group Corporation. SPE's global operations encompass motion picture and television production and distribution and more.
Sony’s Servant Leadership Journey – From Adversity to Advantage

At Sony Pictures we first began our Servant Leadership journey a few months into the global pandemic. Since then, this way of leading has been avidly adopted in the firm. To accomplish this, we developed a deeply engaging 2-hour course on servant leadership, and over 15% of the company has taken it. More importantly, hundreds of graduates went on to enroll in our innovative 10-month follow on cohort program. This grass-roots movement went global, jumping over to sister company Sony PlayStation. Learn how the journey started, why we created the course and cohort program, and how the pandemic accelerated the program.

Nadya plays a catalytic role in inspiring Agile mindsets & practices in teams, leaders, and execs.
Pınar Kitapçı | CEO
Founded in 1995
Istanbul, Turkey

Koçfinans is Turkey’s first financing company, which was established in 1995 and consisting of expert staff, innovative structure and dynamic processes.
Ancient wisdom shedding light to a culture of growth

A business leader shares experience on overcoming challenges of change and building a growth culture. The talk unfolds around moving in the rhythm of change, the value in coherence, leveraging logic with empathy and openness, accompanied by wisdom from a 13th century mystic poet.

Yesim Pınar Kitapçı is the CEO and Board Member of Koçfinans, a pioneering financial services company in Turkey, specialised in consumer and SME lending. Pinar is an agile enthusiast, leading Kocfinans as a lighthouse to inspire other Koc Holding companies on their way to business agility. In addition, she holds 3 board membership positions in Turkey and is an AMP alumna of Harvard Business School.
IBEO Automotive
Dr. Ulrich Lages | Chief Executive Officer
Founded in 1998
Hamburg, Germany

Ibeo is a worldwide technology leader in the field of LiDAR sensors (acronym for Light Detection and Ranging), associated products, and software tools. It is Ibeo’s goal to reinvent mobility by enabling cars to become cooperative partners in public transportation, thus making transportation safer.
Big Bang Theory meets LiDAR - transforming society

Change management and stories thereof are not new. Most change management efforts fail over time. At Ibeo a new approach was followed: the change was initiated fast, unexpectedly, and with no option of going back by disrupting the previously in place system altogether within one minute to the next. All of this happened May 9th, 2019. Our very own Big Bang. This is the art of the possible.

Ulrich started his officer career at the German armed forces. He studied mechanical engineering and did his PhD on active collision avoiding in autonomous vehicles at Helmut Schmidt University in Hamburg, Germany and his Executive MBA in Maryland. In 1998 he founded Ibeo Automotive and has been the CEO ever since.
Business Agility Institute
Evan Leybourn | Cofounder
Founded in 2017
CA, United States

The Business Agility Institute is a fiercely independent research & advocacy organization for the next generation of companies.
The Shape of Agility

No matter what the future brings. These 6 words are the heart of agility - but they are also an invitation. Does your organization have the freedom, flexibility, and resilience to achieve its purpose - no matter what the future brings?

Together, we will explore these behaviors to better understand the characteristics of an agile organisation.
Barbara O'Connor | Director, Enterprise Agile Office
Founded in 1848
Tennessee, United States

A Fortune 500 company, Unum helps millions of people gain affordable access to disability, life, accident, critical illness, dental and vision benefits through the workplace.
Culture Hacking In Action

Change follows action, and while that’s easier said than done, I’ll be sharing a “Culture Hacking” approach that you can take away and put into action. From where to start, how to start, and tips to navigate (all that troublesome) noise, we’ll look at one of our latest Culture Hacking experiences.

Barbara is a Business Agility Transformation leader who simplifies complex change with an action-orientated focus on realizing business outcomes. With 20 years of experience across the Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Education, Public Health, and Energy industries, she is known for operationalizing leadership strategy through a special blend of terminology, organization design and operating models integration.
Chris Orson | Director
Founded in 1865
London, United Kingdom

A British multinational financial services firm and the second largest bank in Europe.
Making agility relevant

Securities Services is in the midst of a Ways of Working transformation. Routed in the devops and agile transformation that started within technology, Securities Services has now established a business led practice to bring this to life as part of an end to end journey. Making agile relevant for our business, our clients and our staff is a cornerstone outcome for the team, and this talk explores how this is being achieved within a very large multi-national organisation.

Chris is the head of Ways of Working for Securities Services, a business unit part of Markets and Securities Services within HSBC. Chris has been in the financial services world for the last 18 years, and has covered roles within Technology, Operations and Change Management.
Business Agility Institute
Ahmed Sidky | Cofounder
Founded in 2017
CA, United States

The Business Agility Institute is a fiercely independent research & advocacy organization for the next generation of companies.
The Shape of Agility

No matter what the future brings. These 6 words are the heart of agility - but they are also an invitation. Does your organization have the freedom, flexibility, and resilience to achieve its purpose - no matter what the future brings?

Together, we will explore these behaviors to better understand the characteristics of an agile organisation.
Capgemini (ex British Army)
Matt Spruce
Agility in an Austere environment (Battlefield to Business Agility)

From humble beginnings as a medic in a small unit, right through to becoming the senior advisor at a deployable field hospital, the priority is the “man on the stretcher”. The patient represents a common goal, it brings the team together, pushing in the same direction to save life. There are not many situations where the pressure higher. As I have progressed through the ranks, I have ensured that I have served my team, removing impediments to allow them to flourish and deliver excellence. Giving not only ownership of the end goal, but also ownership of the process to achieve that goal has been key to my success within the military.

Matt is a Professionally Qualified Agile Delivery coach with extensive leadership experience from a successful 23-year career.
Rendanheyi Center, Menlo College
Dr. Annika Steiber | Director
Founded in 1927
California, United States

Menlo College cultivates in its students the skills, integrity, and passion to make meaningful contributions in an innovation economy.
Annika will present on her experiences with how Chinese management principles, based on agility philosophy, has been applied in the transformation of an over 100-year-old American company. In 2016, Haier acquired GE Appliances, a proud American company that was once a flagship division of the General Electric Company. After Haier’s acquisition, all of GEA became a proving ground for the introduction and ongoing refinement of the Chinese RenDanHeyi model. This unique story is told here in comprehensive form. Ingrained with the story are lessons for managers who may wish to transform their whole companies and instead of adding new processes and practices, implement a whole new management system for agility and innovation.

Dr. Annika Steiber is a Professor, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Founder, Investor and the Director of the Rendanheyi Silicon Valley Center.
Jason Yip | Staff Agile Coach
Founded in 2006
Stockholm, Sweden

Spotify is the most popular global audio streaming service with 365m users, including 165m subscribers across 178 markets.
The top 3 points you should have paid attention to in the Spotify Engineering Culture videos that aren't Squads, Chapters, Tribes, Guilds

When people say “Spotify Model” they’re almost always thinking about org structure (Squads, Chapters, Guilds, Tribes). Structure is the last thing you should worry about. Before structure, I’ll expand on what you should have been paying attention to.

Jason is a Staff Agile Coach at Spotify based in NYC since early 2015. Previously he was a Principal Consultant at ThoughtWorks, primarily based in Sydney since early 2001. He first encountered Extreme Programming in 1999 from, comp.object,, and the Portland Pattern Repository (aka Ward's wiki) (aka These days he mostly posts to Twitter and his Medium blog.
Erste Group Bank
Margarita Yonova-Popova | People & Culture Transformation Lead
Founded in 1819
Vienna, Austria

Founded as “Erste oesterreichische Spar-Casse” in 1819, we are now one of the leading financial institutes in Central and Eastern Europe.
Humanize business from the soul of your organization

In her role, Margarita has a strong focus on people, culture, and leadership. Her expertise is in the reshape and implementation of adaptive organizational cultures and structures through collective input (crowdsourcing) and agile methods. Margarita is co-founder of the Agile Hub at Erste Group as a community of practice to support teams on their agile journey and to raise awareness about agile across the organization. Margarita is a strong believer that behind every successful organization there are great people with strong capabilities, courage and innovative mind. Therefore, she sees her purpose as a People & Culture Transformation Lead in enabling a healthy organizational culture for people to grow, co-create and collaborate in a better way. As part of that, she is passionate to contribute to the evolution of the HR function towards agile practices and mindset.

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