Do you know what it means to be a citizen-centric organisation? Are you ready to grow your economy in an unpredictable market? Join us in this unique event as we build a community to discuss and resolve these questions and more. Taking you from the “art of the possible” to “what are you going to do on Monday morning”!


Announcing the first speakers


Steve Denning
Author of „The Age of Agile“ Executive Consultant
Stephen Parry
Lloyd Parry Intl CEO, Author of „Sense And Respond“
Jutta Eckstein
Enterprise Coach, Co-Author of BOSSA nova


Curious to know more about their journey? Want to know how they would approach a specific problem or transformation? This is your chance to get the advice of the Business Agility Conference speakers.


Facilitated Peer Conversations

Join your peers to share, learn & discuss many of the complex and emerging topics around business agility. These are your questions and your solutions.


Got a question for a specific speaker or just want to go deeper into the topic? Join them for a small (facilitated) group discussion.


Just need to get away and think about what you’ve learned. The quiet room is the place for you. No conversations, just comfy chairs and some selected reading material.


Marcin Floryan
Spotify, Stockholm Director of Engineering, Playback Tribe
Jon Smart
Deloitte Digital Enterprise Agility Lead



Business Agility, 16-17 May 2019, Vienna

Business Agility Vienna is an intense 2-day conference focusing on business agility, including its applications in organisational design, policy innovation, and next-gen leadership.

We bring together awesome practitioners of business agility to share their experiences and the benefits their organisations have gained from exploring new and agile practices. We will host insightful and authentic talks and workshops in one of the premier locations in Vienna.

Our goals are to:

  • bring the local and international business agility community together in a friendly, educational and fun environment
  • increase the density of connections among the community and
  • exchange and explore ideas between professionals



Call for Stories

Our ‘Art of the Possible’ speaker stories are your awesome experiences with Business Agility in your organisation. All Stories are structured such that a Speaker has 18 minutes of presentation time. Q&A with Speaker and a hands-on Deep-dive are in addition to these 18 minutes.

What Makes a Great Story
At our core we are all storytellers, and great stories are crafted and refined. Here is what we’re looking for in your story:

  • A clearly identifiable Beginning, Middle, and End – If you don’t have a narrative, then it isn’t a story;
  • We can connect with it on an emotional level – The best stories are the ones where everything doesn’t go perfectly from the start. Show vulnerability. The audience will feel the struggle you went through and may be living it today in their organization. People hearing your story should be able to see themselves reflected in it;
  • Tension builds throughout the story – You’ll want to jump to the success and tell us all about how great the way of working is today. Don’t rush to the ending. Help your audience understand the mistakes, missteps, and learnings along the way. Not all stories will have a successful or happy ending; these stories are equally valuable for the lessons learned.


How should you send the Speaker Story Proposal to us?
Please fill in our submission form.

Immediate Key Milestones for your Speaker Story Proposals
23 January 2018: Ongoing Proposal Submissions until this date


Sponsor the Business Agility Conference

As our Sponsor, you not only get to attend the event and take actions to your workplace, but also get other sponsor benefits. We offer different Sponsorship packages and several other sponsorship opportunities giving you the flexibility to showcase your service and demonstrate your commitment to Business Agility in a way that best fits your corporate needs.

Secure your spot as our Sponsor Today! We can assist in tailoring a package for your needs. Reach out to us at [email protected].


What is the Business Agility Conference

Why attend?

  • Learning with a difference – hands-on deep-dive exercises so you have actions to try out at your workspace Monday morning
  • Learn from and connect with practitioners and experts across different industries and functions across the globe and country
  • Get individual access to our global Business Agility Library with an individual membership to the Business Agility Institute worth USD 95 for 1 year included within the ticket price of the conference.
  • Connect both online and in-person with some of the most influential practitioners and talented thought-leaders who apply Business Agility in diverse operations
  • Learn how organisations, departments and teams are continuously adapting in the VUCA world today
  • Learn what people engagement looks like in the next-Gen organisations and how you could lead in these organisations


Who should attend?

  • Business Managers & Executives
  • Business Agility Experts
  • Business Agility Practitioners & Coaches
  • Agile Coaches & Consultants


Full location details will be announced shortly. Watch this space.


Need help convincing someone


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We are happy to answer any Conference-related questions you may have.
Expected response times between 24 – 48 business hours. Thank you.

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