How to hire a CEO. With agility.

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It is a frequently observed irony that the behavior of agile advocacy bodies often lacks agility.

So when the long-serving CEO of the Agile Business Consortium expressed her desire to retire last year, we were keen to avoid taking a traditional approach to recruiting her replacement. How do you hire a CEO in a way that is collaborative, transparent, adaptive and empowering? How do you construct an interview around the principle of “show, don’t tell”? Is it possible for a recruitment process to be genuinely enriching and insightful for both successful and unsuccessful candidates, and for those doing the interviewing?

Geof Ellingham | Chair @ Agile Business Consortium

Geof Ellingham headshot

Geof Ellingham headshot

Geof is a coach and consultant with 30 years experience in strategy, leadership, management, delivery and education in the public and private sectors. A true life-long learner, he is currently training as a psychotherapist.

Geof spent a decade as a Head of IT within the local government housing sector UK, and led the introduction of agile approaches at Newcastle City Council.

Geof is Chair of the Agile Business Consortium, the world’s oldest Agile organisation.

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