Designing Organizations That Work for Lean and Agile Thinking People

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What do Lean and Agile principles tell us about the way we need to design, build and operate modern businesses? Can we design organisations that are adaptive, innovative and engaging for employees, managers and leaders alike? The presentation will demonstrate the importance of organisational design and route-map sequencing to create conducive work-climates for Lean and Agile thinkers.

We will examine real case studies where they have created Lean and Agile workplaces. We will see how heavily dependent they are on new management choices for work design, measurement, rewards, organisational structures, working practices, methods and approaches to management and staff relationships. These choices combine in complex ways to create a perception of ‘how it feels to work here’, which we call the ‘work-climate’.

Stephen ParryAbout Stephen

Stephen Parry is an international leader and organisational architect, designing and creating adaptive organisations. He has a world-class reputation for passionate leadership and organisational transformation by changing the way employees, managers and leaders think about their business and their customers.

He is the author of Sense and Respond: The Journey to Customer Purpose (Palgrave), a highly regarded book written as a follow-up to his award-winning organisational transformations. His change work was recognised when he received Best Customer Service Strategy at the National Business Awards.

Stephen believes that organisations must be designed around the needs of customers through the application of employee creativity, innovation and willing contribution. This was recognised when his approach received awards from the European Service Industry for the Best People Development Programme and a personal award for Innovation and Creativity. His clients include many global corporations and national governments: SAP, LEGO, BT, UK government, police authorities, financial services, Telcos, retail, Legal Services, IT and software companies, outsourcing and shared services.

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