Shifting from “What’s Wrong?” to Expanding What’s Right | AgileAmped Podcast

Agilists Susanne Burgstaller and Rod Sherwin introduce us to a concept derived from psychotherapy known as “solution-focused change.” The duo argue that while many businesses traditionally focus on root-cause analysis for problem-solving, in complex environments the root cause is difficult to find. Very simply, a solutions-focused approach to change means finding out what works and doing that more, as well as finding out what’s not working and doing something different. In their work, Burgstaller says, they focus on the “natural business agility of the organization” asking, “What are you already doing that is a little bit Agile, how does that fit with the principles and how can we amplify that?” Sherwin echoes that Agile, like any other change management approach, is a means to an end, not the end itself. By focusing on the desired positive outcome, you can determine how Agile could help address specific problem areas.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.

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