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Episode Fifteen: An interview with Stacey Ackerman and Micheal Seaton

A Deep Dive into Agile Marketing with John Cass

John Cass

August 28, 2022


Stacy and Micheal have led an industry-driven effort to develop the Agile Marketing Navigator. Bringing the marketing community together to create a flexible, adaptable, and customizable framework for marketers, by marketers. The hope is that the framework can be used to navigate agile marketing implementations. 

Stacey Ackerman is a well-known thought leader in the agile software and agile marketing communities. For nearly a decade, she has successfully transformed traditionally-run companies into cultures and teams that embrace agility. She’s a regular contributor on agile marketing for MarTech and speaks at global agile conferences, including multiple years at the Global Scrum Gathering. Ackerman co-trained alongside Mike Cohn, agile guru and co-founder of the Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance, for several years. She also helped launch a global agile community, Agile Mentors, where she brought together thousands of agile practitioners for learning and collaboration. Ackerman was on the leadership team for the revised Agile Marketing Manifesto in 2021. Most recently, she co-founded Agile Marketing Navigator, a flexible framework for implementing agile marketing. 

Michael Seaton, President, Level C Digital, has an extensive background leading digital marketing strategy and transformation at some of Canada’s largest and most respected brands in Financial Services, Not-For-Profit, and Government. His “why” stems from a passion for developing better, smarter marketers and teams, enabling new skills and practices essential for modern marketing success.

Michael authored and instructs Agile Marketing at the University of Toronto as well as the Digital Marketing Strategy & Management certificate program at UofT.

He is past Co-Chair, Digital Analytics Association (Canada)and past Board of Directors with American Marketing Association (AMA-Toronto); Canadian Marketing Association (CMA); Association of Internet Marketing & Sales (AIMS); and Advisory Board, Ted Rogers School of Business at Ryerson University.

A Deep Dive into Agile Marketing with John Cass

Want to learn more about agile marketing? We're releasing a new podcast series hosted by agile marketing expert John Cass. On each episode, he will interview a featured guest with a unique perspective on agile marketing and how organizations can introduce an agile mindset into their marketing strategy. Learn more about the agile transformation in a variety of industries and how an organization's marketing team can work as a team more effectively, welcome change and experimentation, and embrace failure as a means of improvement--all with the goal of improving outcomes for customers.

How to listen: The podcast is available on Apple Podcasts. Be sure and subscribe to get a notification when a new episode is available!

About the host: John Cass is an expert at building content production and social media relationship systems for brands and agencies. He has worked at several companies where he's managed the development of content strategies and their execution. In addition, he has supporting experience in Technical SEO, user experience, marketing automation, and conversation optimization for the web.

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